Loida Garcia-Febo / Library Journal Movers & Shakers 2007

The March 15, 2006 issue of Library Journal includes Movers & Shakers 2007 – The People Shaping the Future of Libraries. I am honored and delighted to be included in this group of professionals. I was recognized in the Freedom Fighters section, “There are other kinds of barriers, too, that librarians continue to break down. Librarians like Shawna Thorup, Loida García-Febo, and Lorely Ambriz eliminate barriers to intellectual freedom, language and literacy, jobs and careers, and health information.”This puertorriqueña, kissed by the sun, dance-lover, and outreach librarian at heart would like to thank LJ and my colleagues for this, and say that I am still very much committed to continue developing ways to better serve all people in our community.

Books read by Movers & Shakers 2007

Loida’s books:

  • The Other Face of
    America: Chronicles of the Immigrants Shaping Our Future
    by Jorge Ramos

  • The Places in Between by Rory Stewart
  • Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez

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