Cycling for Libraries

Today I am sharing a brief overview of what is probably the world’s longest library unconference, Cycling for Libraries. Two weeks, four countries, 80 participants and much energy! Created by Jukka Pennanen and Mace Ojala from Finland, this is so far one of the most creative and effective ways to advocate for libraries.

To top it all off, they lead a ‘library bike parade’ in Berlin to put libraries on the agenda of Berliners. IFLA Past President, Claudia Lux was one of the participants! They also presented at a session during the Conference, and spoke at a TWIL show

I will post edited videos and a more extended report later in July. In the picture above: Patrick Danowsky, Loida, Claudia Lux, Almuth Gastinger.

Jukka, Mace and their core working-group also coordinated seminars, library visits and answered questions from worldwide colleagues, literally on the-go. They also hosted a one-day conference in Berlin on June 6,  just before the 100 German Library Association Conference.  I was just glad to lead a discussion session about the Social Role of Libraries during this conference. 

In the picture to the left, Loida with Jukka Pennanen trying to decide where to place the flags to welcome librarians after the library bike parade.

Cycling for Libraries website:


My final thought: Would love to see Cycling the States for Libraries!

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