New Librarians – Online events

This post includes online events for new librarians, library decision makes and library workers in general starting on July 2011 until the present time. I have enjoyed working with many colleagues organizing these events. Recordings for all of them should be available. These links are also available in my section New Librarians. Cheers!

    • This session explores various scenarios to help new professionals navigating the first stages of their career. Answers to the following, and other questions, will be discussed: How other new professionals found jobs? How other librarians work with their library associations? Presented by very new librarians with jobs at libraries\info centers, seasoned\veteran librarians, and successful professionals working in other fields.
    • Moderated by Loida Garcia-Febo, Coordinator, Special Services at Queens Library
    • Speakers: Sue Hutley, Executive Director of the Australian Library and Information Association; Jessica Hernandez, Librarian, FDA Biosciences Library at U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Tiffany Mair, Program Assistant, Capitol Impact. LLC; Nathan T. Wright, Founder of Lava Row

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